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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo unrelated to blog - at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur and this struck me as funny for some reason.
A few weeks ago I was letting my VP know that I needed a new job. He asked me what I wanted to do - to which I had no answers. I had a list of "nots" and "don'ts" but not a list of "do" - which today in the tour bus it dawned on me why I am attracting the wrong things in life right now - I'm using too many "nots."

I read somewhere (I think it was "A New Earth" but I'm not sure) that the brain doesn't understand the negative in the sentence. So if I say that "I hope my flight is not late" my brain hears "I hope my flight is late" thus attracting the wrong thing. Positive thinking writers an speakers will tell you to project what you DO want in order to attract it. Which leaves me with a problem - I have no idea what I want.

If I imagine my perfect life I wouldn't have a normal job - but I wouldn't be worrying about cash flow and retirement funds either. I'm not sure that is realistic. I imagine spending a few months out of the year in a third world country helping sick people heal, building homes for homeless and feeding the hungry. The next few months of the year I'd spend writing about...well whatever inspired me at the moment. I see me, my MacBook (projecting a Mac in to my future), a cup of tea I've never tried before and a cool little cafe - fingers flying on the keyboard - words flowing from brain to fingers without pause for evaluation or analysis. Next I would travel for a few months, on a publishers dime, to do a travelers guide. I'd be my own photographer. Then, in the summer, I'd spend my time at arts fairs selling the jewelry I made, photos I'd taken and signing copies of my books.

So how do I get from here to there? Ah! Plane arrived - I'll have to think more about it and catch up later.

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