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Monday, February 22, 2010

Living things welcome here

I came home from Malaysia wanting to be a better citizen of planet Earth. Susan...who didn't know this until I got home but must be able to hear my thoughts, bought me an AeroGarden for my birthday. I love plants but I don't have much luck with them. I have one hearty plant that lives out of its own sheer will to survive in this house.

So Lilly, the one lone plant has now been replanted in water to increase her chances for survival. It's been a week and she's doing well in her new hydro-home.

Now Lilly has friends. We planted the herb kit that came with the AeroGarden and have 6 out of 7 herbs sprouting. One of them takes longer than 7 days to sprout so I'm still waiting on it to come out of its seed. I'm a very impatient gardener so I've been trying to talk nice to the plant but today I had to tell it that it's other plant buddies were making it look bad and they needed to step it up. Maybe I should talk nicer to my plants but hey, it's tough out there and they need to know what it's like - tough love time!

We went to the nursery to buy seeds to this sea sponge plant grower thing my Mom got me for my birthday (she too must have felt my cosmic-green shift!). I planted some seeds in it but didn't follow the directions so nothing to show there...i have seeds sprouting in a dish and will transplant them when they are ready...the point was that at the nursery two more plants came to live with us. Pictured here are Mr. Miagi (the bonsai) and Bart (can't remember what plant Bart is but he is named so for his spikey hair).

So word must be out that we are a plant-friendly family and plants are finding us now. We were admiring a friend's big ficus tree Saturday night. Sunday night Susan takes out the trash and sitting right by our trash can is a ficus tree in need of serious love. Ficus drop their leaves when stressed and this poor thing must be really really stressd. So now we welcome Oliver, the Ficus tree. He is Oliver since he is an orphan and we took him in. Aw. Now doesn't that warm your heart with natural energy? I hope to have pictures of a less-stressed and fully leaved Oliver soon.

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