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Monday, March 7, 2011

You are Enough

You are enough.

Right now.

The way you are. In this very moment. Is enough.

You do not have to do anything. Say anything. Think anything.

Change Anything.

You do not have to fulfill anything. Be anything. Become anything.

You are enough the way you are.

Let go of the standards and expectations others place on you.

Let go of the standards and expectations you place on yourself.

Put it down like the baggage that it is...

like the garbage it has become...

like something you've held in your hand for so long and suddenly realized has rotted...

...put it down.

Quiet the voice inside your head that says you are not enough.

You are not pretty enough...

you are not smart enough...

you are not kind enough...

you are not doing enough…

Silence your inner mother. Silence your inner father. Silence your inner family, friends, husband, wife, and teachers.

Silence all that made you believe that you are not enough.

Silence the voice inside that tells you “who I am” are the choices you've made.

Silence the voice inside that tells you “who I am” are the choices unmade.

Listen no longer to your mind. Confused. Conflicted. Critical. Filled with ego.

Look no longer with your eyes. Filtered. Unseeing. Biased.Blind to truth.

Instead...close your eyes.

Listen to your heart. Beating. Strong. Rhythmic. Consistent. Constant. Heart.

Listen to your breath. In. Out. Cleansing. Nourishing. Life-giving. Breath.

Listen to your soul. Divine. Holy. Pure. Connected. Sacred. Soul.

Listen to your angel. Guiding. Leading. Encouraging. Loving. Angel. your eyes.

See yourself with new eyes. Forgiving eyes. Compassionate eyes. Fair eyes.

Hear your thoughts with new ears. Listening ears. Insightful ears. Ears that hear truth.

Think with a new mind. Thinking encouraging thoughts. Thinking with self-love. Thinking with new acceptance and understanding of who you are. Who you REALLY are.

You are enough. Today. Right now. As you are.

1 comment:

  1. This is fantastic! I wish I could take this and make it Internal Truth for so many fabulous people who don't know they are fabulous. It's exactly right. You are enough. :) Thanks for sharing!