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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Well

So I start therapy tomorrow. Mixed bag of feelings about that but overall very happy and ready to start that journey. I have a little breathing room from work lately and I really miss being creative and pursuing learning about the places where I am artistically inclined. I should probably be taking writing classes but I'm not ready to go there quite yet so I'm starting with photography (start a 10 week course on April 10th) and sewing (next Sunday). I'm oddly excited about the sewing. I used to love it when my Mom taught me. If I can learn pattern making AND lose weight then I have so many ideas!!!!! I'll see how far I want to go with the sewing stuff - there are a lot of fun looking classes) and then I'll look at a writing/blogging course and metal working/jewelry. I really want to learn how to do the metals of jewelry and make my own...possibly sell it but we'll see.

So there is my mini update. TTFN

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