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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blogging Subject....maybe

I think I'm coming closer to feeling inspired to write. Really write. I'm not sure if I'm going to blog it, manuscript it or just start and see where it takes me. I finally have a few things to say and I think I'll talk to those involved and see if I can say them. I linked to a friend's page on her adoption story and that linked me to another and another and another and as wonderful as those adoptive Mom stories are there was very little representation that I could find about the other I think maybe I'll represent. Word.

No but really...then I looked online searching for birthmother blogs. There are some out there but few that are as many years in to this as I am and even fewer with open adoptions as old as mine I am going to talk to them and the birthfather and see if they mind. To be honest I'd rather them never read it but I can't really control that. Some of the things I'd like to share aren't things that you want people that you care about to read but they are important for other people to know they aren't the only ones that feel this way.

Hmmm. It's either that or I'm writing about the insane chronicles of my daily mind flopping on marriage and kids :)


  1. I would love to see what you have to say about it. There is not a lot of birthmother writing out there, and most of it is either very new or very malcontented. There's nothing wrong with malcontent writing, it makes people get off their butts and fix things that are broken, and I would like for adoption (as an industry) to be one that everybody feels good about. And I especially want birthmothers who didn't get fair treatment to be able to shout about that until it's made right. That said, I think that unless someone really got shafted in their adoption, they don't spend much time writing about it. At least, I didn't find much when I went looking...

  2. Hey lady. Thanks for the encouragement! I am working on setting up the blog site - gunna actually get it done. I wish I had your technical skills close by! Looking at self hosting is kind of daunting! I just want to write about what I've learned and what I have to share with other people going through this crazy process!!!!!