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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buona notte

I am in Italy so I feel I need to use itallics for a font - something fancier than usual as Italy is a fancy place. I am staying at a Marriott which is generally a nice hotel but not a fancy hotel. The chandelier in the lobby is this large clear and pink crystal sculpture with flowers and intricate is so gaudy that it is pretty...sort of. I need to snap a picture to really is something.
So far, true to a work trip form, I've seen very little outside the hotel and office. I'm venturing out for dinners within walking distance but haven't laid eyes on a single pretty shoe yet, except the ones I brought, and they don't count. The people here are very gracious. They aren't annoyed or irritated that I don't speak their language. Many speak English but fewer than anywhere else I've travelled (excpet maybe the Southern states in the US!). They try hard to point and mime and gesture so we can communicate in some fashion.
Thursday the shops are open a bit later so Rebecca, a fabulous gal from England, is taking us shopping. She's a young little thing who moved to Italy to follow the love of her life...who doesn't speak any English...and she speaks no Italian...but they seem to get along just fine. He's learned a little English...she's learned a little Italian...and they mostly speak in tongues. Sorry, bad joke. So Thursday I will get to see Milan.
The thing I wanted to see most while here is the Last Supper fresco - but sadly you have to reserve a time to see it and there is no remaining time left this week. So, another day perhaps. I am excited about venturing out on my own - but a little nervous. It will be fun.
I need to write about my trip to New Orleans but I haven't processed it yet so I will sit with it a while longer and then write. I left feeling happy and sad at the same time - I need to understand that better.
So I think I am losing my internet connection now - my 24 hour card ran out which means it is time to go to bed. Buona notte

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