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Friday, March 12, 2010

A new love

I think I may be in love with Italy. The people - so nice, so gracious and so genuine. The food - wow...I can't begin to do the food justice with the adjectives I know. The shopping - the leather for purses and handbags - the clothing that I'll probably never fit in but could look at all day. The architecture - it is rich and old and beautiful yet the city is clean and fresh and vibrant. It's amazing.

My parents met a lady in Venice who came here for vacation with her husband and when she went back home to New York she realized that the place in the world she'd been longing for was in Italy. She'd thought it was some internal happiness that she could find if she could do more yoga or put in more community service hours but it was actually a physical location where she felt that in tune and tuned in. She felt at home. She left her home in New York and moved to Venice where she gives tours to Americans. She and her husband are still married and see each other three times a year. I can almost understand why she did all that. There is something truly magical about this place. It is so rich and beautiful - I didn't get that when I was here years ago - I was too young to appreciate its inner and outer beauty.

I won't be leaving home and uprooting my life to live here but I will be figuring out a way to get back soon and spend a good long while visiting, photographing and enjoying the vibrations of this amazing place. The owner of the restaurant described her food as coming from the "woman energy of the hands" - I think that this place has the woman energy of the gods hands.

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