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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming back to life

Pictured...Baha'i temple in Evanston, IL

I'm slowly starting to recover from last year's madness. The theme of last year was:
1 - I hated my job
2 - I worked too much
3 - There was too much drama at work
4 - I had no personal time and was burning out
5 - I travelled too much
6 - I hated my job (I may have mentioned that

I've stopped and started writing, bloggin and taking pictures off and on for...well forever. So now I feel like I'm coming out of last year and getting back in touch with myself. I'm reading more, I'm listening to jazz, I'm enjoying this diet I'm on (see my other blog), I've taken a few pictures and am enrolled for a class...all the things that mean I'm coming back from the year I had and returning to life. I had no life last year and I felt it aging me...sucking the joy out of me...eating at my soul and my happy inner self.

So now I've started missing what my friends and I call the "woo-woo." It's the things that are a little weird to those who don't share the "goddess in me goddess in the tree" spirit...I have to admit I'm somewhere in both categories...I live in between the woo woo and the analytic...but that's another blog. I'm contemplating taking my tingy, barely read blog and seeing if I finally have something to say that is perhaps for more mass consumption. But honestly I don't know where to start. How do you make your blog known? How do you get followers outside of your direct circle of friends? I am sure I could google it, Bing it, Facebook all those non-verb-verby things that everyone does but I'd really just like to come up with it organically.

I was on the plane on the way home from my work trip to CA and had a little conversation with God about writing...and I felt like He told me that I have something to say and I should just start writing. But what? A book? A blog? A letter? What do I write? I swear I heard God snicker a little knowing I'd have to figure that one out on my own. I love Him but sometimes he is a shifty little bugger.

So what do I need? A website? Knowledge of how to make a website? A muse? A subject? A clue? Man, I am wearing out the poor question mark key right now!!!

More to come, I'm sure.

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