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Thursday, April 8, 2010

And in last sinus cavity!

Went to the ear/nose/throat doc today. I keep getting sick with sinus yuckiness and finally broke down and went to the doctor. I HATE...and I mean HATE stuff being stuck up my nose. I won't even use nasal spray without throwing some kind of crazy fit about it. I'm a terrible nose patient (and as you can guess not a nose-picker). But after the sinus drama I had in September (short story is sinus infection lead to nose bleed for hours and hours. nose bleed lead to emergency room which lead to a nose tampon/balloon thing which lead to an allergic reaction which lead to LOTS of pain which lead to going back to the ER to get the nose tampon/balloon out of my nose which lead to weeks of drainage fluid constantly running out of my nose from the face swelling which lead to lots of dry, cracked, raw skin which lead to sticking wads of Kleenex up my nose which lead to a Kleenex shortage which lead to the depletion of yet another rain forest which lead to not enough oxygen in the air which lead to too much carbon dioxide which lead to sick people which lead to more sick people which lead to sick people travelling which lead to people dying of foreign germs which lead to the end of the world which makes me wonder if the Earth is over why am I sitting here writing this blog - I'm the only survivor - I should be looting or something)...where was I?

Oh yes, after Sinus drama in September I've had one sinus infection after another and had to see a specialist who wants to do surgery AND wants me to do this water nasal wash thing twice a day which of course entails sticking water up one side of your nose, letting it run out the other side of your nose, rinse and repeat. Ew. Gross. Yuck. Disgusting. Ick. so I didn't go back but now I got sick while on antibiotics from another sick and I am worn down (and leaving the country for another two weeks of work travel so of course I will be giving foreign germs out to Londoners like candy at Halloween...only gross).

So he tries to put the scope in the left side of my nose - which didn't work - because it is swollen shut - which explains why when I tried to do the nasty water nose-rinse thing all that happened was water backing up in my nose then running down my throat simultaneously gagging/choking and drowning me. Again, gross. Then a CT scan where he informs me that my left side of sinuses and the right side are now in a competition for last place in the sinus cavities he's seen that day - and I was in his waiting room seeing all the old people with mangled noses - this is NOT something I aspire to.

So maybe surgery when I get back. He wrote me a scrip for new antibiotics and...of course...nasal spray which I have to squirt three times a day...because that's how life goes for me. Karma's a this because of the rain forest problem I created? Hmmmm. deep thoughts.

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