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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spiritual Musings

I'm wasting a little time before my work dinner. I've got too much time to do nothing and too little time to start a new project. So, I'll pick my brain like the Swiss cheese it has become and see if there is anything solid that can be extracted.

We went to church Sunday. It is a spin off of the place we went in the burbs. It is downtown across the street from where Obama gave his acceptance speech at Grant Park. It is held at the Auditorium Theatre, an old theatre with gold leaf sculpting on the walls and ceilings, balconies on the side (not reserved for the wealthy in church) and amazing acoustics. I think it is easier to "feel God" in a place like this than some of the churches I've been to.

The place I attended in Dallas was in a warehouse district. Around it were semi trucks loading and unloading at receiving bays and workers assembling all sorts of widgets and gadgets. Going to church there left me wondering why I didn't chose a profession that required driving a fork lift - it looks like fun. You can't feel God when you are thinking about fork lifts...unless you build a fork lift to heaven.

The place I attended in Denton, before the widget church, looked like a ski lodge. It was big and pretty but I kept dreaming of snow and hot chocolate and wondering how difficult the hills in the parking lot would be to ski and if I could use the parking curbs as a slalom. Hard to feel God when you are at the ski lodge...unless you are Sunny Bono and hit a tree and get to go there personally.

A theatre is a perfect place to hold church. It is gold and shiny and your voice rises up to the ceiling. They have a cello player and people singing with angelic voices and there is no noise of the truck next door backing up or birds in the lodge rafters...just music and voices.

All this made me wonder if God is everywhere and in everything and everyone...why does it take such a production to get my attention and stir my emotions? Is it my tendency towards the theatrical? My love of the theatre? My longing for a good story? Why, when God gets our attention in a whisper do I only sense him in a production?

Dang, I was just about to get somewhere with this and I have to much for not starting a project. :)

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